Chemtronics Monitrol

Retention and Floc Measuring System
For the paper making industry

The Chemtronics Monitrol is a system for continuous on-line monitoring and retention control at the wet end of the paper machine.

The system measures the total solids and filler content of thin stock and white water then calculates the retention of total solids and filler.

The system consists of interconnected MEASURING MODULES having the advanced CWF sensor featuring improved measurement accuracy and floc characterisation.

A unique feature of the MEASURING MODULES is that the calibration can either be performed in the module itself or in a PC at any location.


Increased Production
Through reduced breaks and more rapid grade changes.

More Uniform Paper Quality
Through better runnability and cutting down on broke.

Lower Chemical Costs
By optimizing wet-end chemical addition.

Increased Knowledge
By learning more about variations in the wet-end.

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